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May 19 2018

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Tips For Maintaining Solar Panels

Solar panels, just like windows, need regular cleaning in order to perform at their best. Since they are exposed to the elements, they can get very dirty as they accumulate dust, dirt, and pollen brought by wind and rain. When panels get dingy and cloudy, they can no longer absorb as much of the sun's radiation as they are meant to, and this can significantly decrease their performance. The following are some tips for taking care of solar panels from a solar panel cleaning service in prescott az.

Check The Condition Of The Panels

One of the benefits of regular cleaning is the opportunity to check panels for damage. Panels can develop cracks or breaks due to hail or any objects blown against them by a heavy wind. In addition, parts of the panel may become loose, and the laminate layer may start to peel away. When professional solar cleaning services prescott az inspect solar panels, they can detect these problems and others that a home owner might not be able to identify, such as fire hazards, hot spots, and wasp nests underneath panels.

Clean Every Six Months

It is recommended that solar panels be cleaned at least every six months in order to maintain them and maximize their performance. Unfortunately, many homeowners wait until they notice a problem, meaning that the problem is likely to be serious and expensive to fix. By scheduling regular cleanings, homeowners can rest assured that they will get the most life and best performance from their solar energy system.

Clean With The Right Materials

Most chemical cleaners are too harsh for solar panels, and pressure washing can damage the delicate glass. Anyone washing solar panels in prescott should be sure to use purified water rather than tap. Because tap water may contain minerals and other chemicals, it can leave a residue on solar panels. In addition, cleaning should be done with a soft brush only. Another consideration when cleaning is stepping carefully around the panels and not putting weight on them.

Hire A Professional

Homeowners get the best results when they hire professionals for window cleaning and solar panel cleaning. For one thing, the job can be very dangerous for people who don't have plenty of experience and the right safety gear. In addition, cleaners can bring a full range of high-quality equipment and tools that would be costly for the home owner to purchase. Hiring a trusted company to clean solar panels can give the homeowner peace of mind.

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